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Well, not that far back. The Branches under this title has only existed since 2003. The idea of a publication to draw together like-minded women across the country first became reality back in the 1980’s. The publication changed titles until it finally settled into Women in Fellowship. The issues of the archive that yet survive will be a part of this site.

Women in Fellowship crossed the entire U.S. in scope. The publication debuted in Fall of 1987, called “Newsletter For Women of the CLC.” Issue 2 was “Women’s Newsletter.” Issue 4 realized the final name. What would have been issue 32 in 1998 saw a changing of the guard—and Volume 2 began. Winter of 1999 is the last issue in the archive. Fast-forward to 2004, when a newcomer to the church body pointed out, “Hey, we could use something like this!” In a joint effort with one other woman and a few brave volunteer writers, the first issue of The Branches was assembled, formatted, printed, and passed to as many pastors and delegates at the 2004 CLC Convention as possible. Growing, changing, and persevering, The Branches now has approximately 400 subscribers. It is published quarterly, consisting of 16-24 pages of print, as the article submissions and costs allow. The writers are still volunteer, as are the staff workers. The publication is self-supporting; all funds are cycled back into the costs, keeping the subscription price to a minimum.

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