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Abby Matzke
To check out another project by Abby, see
March 2012 saw the publication of Top Ten Most Influential Christians Since the Apostles, an approachable read of 118 pages sketching the lives of those who helped shape Christianity today. Orders can be placed via these sites:


Katie Sumey
I am a Branches co-editor for the cooking and recipes section, as well as a contributor to the general articles. I am married to Chris, who is a physician completing his residency in Internal Medicine. We have one son, Elijah, who is a busy, growing toddler. We live in
Denver , Colorado , and attend St. Paul Lutheran Church in Lakewood . My interests include cooking, writing, sewing, downhill skiing, gardening, hiking, and blogging. (Read my blog at I have an ongoing list of projects and crafts that I keep trying to accomplish all at once. I absolutely love the fellowship and experience that I gain from writing for and reading The Branches, and am so thankful to Abby and all of The Branches’ readers for their support and encouragement!
Love, Katie

Sue Anne W. Kirkham
Interested in all aspects of healthy living—spiritual, emotional, physical? Stop by for a visit. This Christian-themed, multi-subject collection of blog entries published by CLC member Sue of Fridley, Minnesota, offers inspiration  under three subject categories: People of Faith and Courage; Advice for Life; and Musings of a Midwestern Foodie. Your comments, suggestions, and participation in the Parental Advice Project are welcomed.  

Hope M. Waldner-Luurtsema
Hope has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, as this talent is truly a gift from God. Since 1987, she has been selling calligraphy works from Bible verses for occasions and wall art to church banners to original greeting cards and invitations since 1987. Hope incorporates symbolism to help further the Gospel message. Her business, "Hope's Fine Art," debuted in 1997, and still operates from her
Michigan home in her spare time. She now creates award-winning portraits, sea and landscapes, animals and florals in many mediums, including colored pencil, acrylic, and oil. She has recently tried her hand at poetry to contribute to The Branches, continuing to expand her creative range. Here’s an example:

E V A N G E L I S M  

Evangelize the world for Me.

Voice My Gospel to set men free

And tell all people who will hear

Never their death do they need fear.


God loved the world so that He gave”

  Eternal life to those He saved.


Love, joy, and peace from God’s dear Son.

It is finished”—the Savior’s won.

Salvation to all who believe—

Many life eternal receive.

Hope Luurtsema, Rock of Ages, Grand Rapids , MI







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