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A Bible-based Christian women’s magazine. Built upon the talented contributions and work of women across the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC), our main purpose is to connect women of like faith across the many miles that often separate us, to encourage, uplift, and inspire. We strive to provide a forum for the swapping of information, ideas, news, memories, advice, recipes, book reviews, creative writing, and more. One reader wrote: “Reading each issue is like having tea with my best friend! On this site you will find our history, archives, current sample articles, a look at our regular writers and staff, subscription information, and more, including links to sites of some of our “branches,” including one to the church body that teaches our connecting faith: The Church of the Lutheran Confession. Please note that The Branches is not an official publication of the CLC, nor is it exclusive to only members of the CLC. Thanks for visiting!

—Abby Matzke, editor








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